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Business Certificates of Deposit


The Citizens National Bank offers a wide range of CDs with competitive rates that meet your needs. Get started by speaking to a Customer Service Representative at your local CNB branch.

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Certificates of Deposit

Length of Term Options

7 Days – 60 Months

Minimum Opening Deposit

Term < 91 Days: $5,000.
Term > 91 Days: $500.
Term = 2-Step 15 Month: $5,000.

Renewal Terms

Same term as COD

Grace Period

10 Calendar Days After the Maturity Date

Interest Payment

Compounded, credited to named account or paid by check

Interest Calculated

Daily Balance Method

Early Withdrawal Penalty

Term < 365 Days = 90 Days Interest on Amount Withdrawn
Term > 365 Days = 180 Days Interest on Amount Withdrawn

** Withdrawals made from a bank certificate of deposit before the maturity date may result in substantial penalty.
(Please consult your Tax Advisor for information on which product is right for you)


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