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Personal Planning

Retirement Calculators

Education Funding
Estate Planning
Retirement Planning
Roth vs. Traditional IRA
Survivor Needs Analysis
Disability Income

IRA calculator.
Roth IRA calculator.
IRA deposit calculator.
Roth IRA deposit calculator.
What rate of return would I need?
How much would I need to start with?

Personal Finance

Home Finance

How much car can I afford?
How long will it take to pay off my credit cards?
What payments will it take to pay off my credit cards?
Simple loan calculator.
How much can I borrow?
How long would it take to pay off a loan?
What are the effects of inflation?
What would my payments be?
What is the future value of a dollar?

Is refinancing my loan a good idea?
What would my payments be for a balloon loan?
What would I save if I made monthly prepayments?
What would be my monthly prepayment?
How much house can I afford?
Which fixed rate loan is better for me?
What are my payments for a fixed rate loan?

Investment Calculators

How can I save a million dollars?
Investment yield calculator
Present value calculator
Future value calculator
Simple savings goal calculator.
Stock yield scratchpad
Stock base cost scratchpad
How much money could I save?
How much would I need to start with?
How much would I need to save each month?
What is the financial cost of dying?
Asset Allocation.
Insurance vs. Taxable Fund

Please Note: The calculators are for limited informational purposes only. The Bank does not guarantee the results of the calculators and the results depend upon your input. Financial decisions should not be made based solely on the results from these calculators. Always consult with your accountant or other professional advisors when making such decisions.
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